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Chelsea offers a variety of services and tailors all of her sessions to meet each of her client's individual needs. See below for a list of services and click the links for more details.

Image by Herbert Goetsch

Connect with deceased loved ones in this intimate and unique experience

Image by Scott Rodgerson

Obtain insight on your career, love life, family situations and more

Image by Hadija Saidi

Discover how Karmic debt and past lives are impacting your life today 

Numbered Stones

Find out your soul's purpose based on your unique personal profile 

Image by Content Pixie

Using Oracle or Lenormand Cards, receive guidance for a variety of scenarios

Image by Jeremy Thomas

No horoscope readings here! Chelsea dives into what makes you tick.

Massage room

Address aches, pains and blockages in this session. Consider it an energetic tune up!

Pink Lotus Flower

Do you have gifts of your own? Mentoring helps unleash your inner power

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Ready to grab life by the horns? This is ideal for finding direction and self-empowerment

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