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About Chelsea


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Chelsea is a Psychic Medium and published author and she has the unique ability to connect with spirits that have crossed over. She currently resides in Salem, Oregon and has had the honor to have worked with clients internationally.


As a Medium, she acts as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world. She has had this gift since childhood that allowed her to hear, see, feel and communicate with spirit. Chelsea believes that our loved ones are always with us and when they pass they are still with us, and that soul bond can never be broken.

During a session, she asks that spirit gives as much information as possible to create an authentic experience and validate that your loved ones are with you. She asks spirit for information like how they passed, dates, memories, messages and any other relevant information that leave clients with no doubt that their loved ones are with them, loving, guiding, and protecting them from the other side. Every session is completely unique, healing, and is centered around the highest good of her clients.


It can be an intimidating experience looking for the right Medium for you, so Chelsea invites you to find her on Facebook, where she offers free mini readings and you can see more reviews and get to know her as a person, and potentially your trusted Psychic Medium.

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