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Vintage Alarm Clocks

Past Life Readings

What you can expect in a Past Life Regression


Discover the source of where you gained or lost personal power
Determine the source of unwanted patterns or cycles and heal them
Find out lessons you did not learn in the past so you can correct it now
Heal past lives so that karmic debt does not continue to follow you
Obtain strength to move forward in this life by healing past traumas
Learn how to communicate with your past life to encourage your continuous growth

Payment and Cancelation Policies

60 Minutes: $160

30 Minutes: $100

Priority Scheduling Fee (optional): $50

All sales are final and payment is required in full prior to booking. Cancelation within 24 hours of your appointment for a non-emergent issue forfeits your payment and you must rebook. If it is more than 24 hours in advance or there was an emergency, you can reschedule using the link that was sent to your email or contact Chelsea directly at 503-877-9232.


If you wish to have priority scheduling and skip the wait, there is a $50 fee in addition to the cost of your reading. You must reach out to Chelsea directly to schedule priority appointments. 

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