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Truly Priceless

I first met Chelsea in November of 2012. It had been just shy of two years since my grandma had passed away. We were thick as thieves and when I lost her, I lost a piece of myself too. I had been mourning her loss for almost two years and was yet to see an end in sight. I was connected with Chelsea through a friend who knew I was struggling with grief. I met with her one evening for a few hours – to put it simply, my life has not been the same since. She helped mend pieces of me that I thought were forever broken. I had always believed there was a greater power beyond what we knew but after our session, I had this clear mind, full heart and strong sense of being again. She connected with my grandma instantly and divulged information to me that no one but myself and my Grandma knew of. It was astonishing. So many emotions but I mainly just felt at peace. For once, in almost two years, I knew things were going to be okay. Not just in the moment, but I knew things were always going to be okay. I can never repay Chelsea for giving me my life back. Dealing with loss is never easy but knowing they never truly left you is something incredible to experience. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Chelsea. She is someone that I will always keep dear to my heart, for what she gave me was truly priceless.

Meagan J., Oregon

She's The Real Deal

Chelsea is a very talented medium. Her accuracy during readings is absolutely mind blowing. She gave me solace by helping me talk to my dad 12 years after his passing, then gave a message to my husband, the skeptic, from one of his former students. The things she told us she had no way of knowing. She’s the real deal!

Gerri D., Connecticut


Chelsea left me speechless at times, she knew things that only existed in my thoughts and moments only I experienced...she is amazing!

Teresa A., Oregon

Very Therapeutic

My siblings and I had a session with Chelsea last night. It was very therapeutic and emotionally exhausting at the same time. It is not possible for her to have “guessed” some of the things she was able to relate to us. Definitely would work with her again. I recommend her absolutely,
without reservation.

Nicole W., Washington

I Was In So Much Pain

After my son died, I had so many questions. I was in so much pain. Only another parent who lost a child could understand this. I was nearing the need to be hospitalized when Chelsea gave me a reading over the phone. She was so spot on with her reading about my son, she described
his personality and didn’t miss a bit! She gave me so much comfort that I am able to live even enjoy life these days. We talk occasionally when my son has a quick message for me, and it’s funny because it’s things I have talked to him (my son) about when I am all alone. No way
anyone could know! Then out of the blue she will message me with his response. She is the REAL DEAL, and this is from a former nonbeliever. Thank you, Chelsea!

Michelle G., Oregon

Always Spot On

Chelsea has given my family and I several readings and is always spot on with her messages. She delivers in a way that is calming and professional. I would recommend anyone to Chelsea for a reading!

Ashlie W., Oregon

A Healing Tool

I highly recommend Chelsea for a reading. I have had very healing personal connections through her work as a medium. I have also directed many of my clients and friends to Chelsea for readings and her ability to pierce through the veil has brought much peace, direction and love to their lives. Their bodies are able to release holding patterns and they can work through grief issues more consciously and effectively after experiencing life beyond death. Chelsea’s gift of mediumship is a healing tool that continues to amaze me. Her kind, easy going personality creates an environment of comfort and assurance. Some may be afraid or concerned that communicating with ‘the dead’ will open Pandora’s box of big screen horror films – not in the least. The connections that come forward will be messages of goodwill, support and joy from your beloveds. There is a doorway of connection available, and Chelsea is able to stand on the threshold as a conduit between the two worlds bridging the divide we label as death. She is highly gifted!

Jean Marie B., Alabama

Gave Me Goosebumps

I had a reading with Chelsea and she is truly amazing and made the hair on my neck stand up and gave me goosebumps. Everything she said was on point on what she had seen, she was amazing and I would highly recommend her!

Susann H., Oregon

Best Feeling Ever

Chelsea was the first medium I had ever done a reading with. I had always been a little skeptical but, when we started the reading, she was very professional and was super accurate about everything. The reading actually hit home. Having got to talk to my grandfather since he passed
was the best feeling ever.
Lynnze T., ​Texas

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