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Meet Chelsea

Chelsea has over 15 years of experience transforming lives and her sessions are truly a healing and unforgettable experience. She embodies a compassionate and down-to-earth perspective that brings comfort and healing to every reading. Chelsea uses her unique gifts to connect with her clients' loved ones and offers clarity and guidance to those grieving from loss. The information she validates is specific, non-leading, and uplifting in nature.

Chelsea's gifts as a Psychic Medium bring several modalities to her sessions and can help in a variety of ways. As a Medium, she can assist you with communicating with your loved ones. As a Psychic, she can advise and offer guidance on your everyday life issues, as well as offer a glimpse into the future to give her clients clarity and answers. As an Ordained Minister and Certified Life Coach, she can help you with your spiritual path and personal empowerment. She also offers Psychic Development to help you develop your own unique gifts.

If you are curious what a Mediumship session is like, click here for a full video reading that was published with permission from the client.

Image by Saad Chaudhry

Psychic Medium Chelsea Renee

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